My name is Zoë Versteeg and this is the story of me and my very productive empathy glands.

Yes, I’m afraid I am that person who gets a glass and a piece of paper to rescue a fly.
And I once wrote an email to a bar to ask if they could please add more water to their decorative fish bowl and gold fish (and added that now we werefish on the subject, that a round bowl actually is not a suitable home for a goldfish). I’m not joking and yes I was older than 12. In fact, it was last year. I didn’t get a reply.

But mostly it comes in very handy as I’m quite good at sensing how other people are feeling. And being friendly brings me a lot more because I think it makes me very approachable. And as a result I have a lot of spontaneous interactions with people. (No euphemism ;-)

Admittedly, it’s a less convenient trait to have when it comes to, say trying to quit donating money to charity.

But I’m not just soppy. I’ve traveled a lot. In fact, if someone would pay me just for traveling and writing about it, that’s what I’d be doing. Apart from traveling, I have a fondness for hats. And animals.*

I live in Utrecht which is about 25 minutes from Amsterdam and kind of like Amsterdam but smaller. And less tourists. It’s also the home town of Miffy (that stoic rabbit with a terrible default-face)

I’m actually a graphic designer, but I really like writing and telling stories too. So I thought I’d create a spot where I could put my little adventures, thoughts and scribbles involving the above mentioned empathy glands and that place became The Spark Plug Chronicles.

* And no I don’t have a cat. Well actually I did. She died.

The Spark Plug Chronicles