.. is all this this about then?

Mindfulness & positivity, you’ve heard the terms a 1000 times before and they’ve been chewed up and spat out more times than a piece of Britney’s gum. So what do I have to add? Frankly, I just like to write funny anecdotes and stories with those words in mind. I want to give you real stories, mortifying experiences, entertainment and originality and maybe some tales will get you thinking. Or maybe not, it’s up to you.

Because I miss the self-deprecation, the humour and sarcasm in this field. Stop taking yourself so seriously. So you’ll find absolutely no images of lotus flowers, piles of stones (what’s that about anyway?), or people doing yoga (nothing wrong with yoga, but I just take a different approach).


But I am convinced that by being friendly unexpected things will happen and you will get more done. Unless you’re in politics or crime. Then maybe this isn’t the site for you. The Spark Plug Chronicles is a place where I put down things that have happened to me, things I wish that would have happened to me, ideas, unusual tips, theories and a lot of peculiarity. And they all have something to do with – for lack of less mushy terms – friendliness; opening up; saying yes; connecting and basically, just turning on your light.

Personally, I hope The Spark Plug Chronicles will occasionally split your sides.

The Spark Plug Chronicles