Ward off death (sort off): why giving is healthy for you

It’s your birthday. A beaming friend hands you a present and eagerly you tear off the wrapping paper.. “It’s…. a piece of tree bark….Just what my carefully composed interior design lacks. And you’ve drawn a little smiley face on it. How thoughtful”. OK, this might not be a common gift in the 21st century, but… I wanna read more

Activate your howling power

It’s the first thing you did in this world. After your tiny body covered in goo, slithered into the hands of a complete stranger, you hollered & screamed. And rightly so: you just had the most claustrophobic and messy experience of your life and there’s a bunch of strangers fondling you. ‘Who the hell are… I wanna read more

How to influence your future in a positive way

In my previous post I told you that I try not to expect: not to expect a party to be cooler than being photobombed by The Rock (that’s not me by the way), not to expect the sun to shine at a beach BBQ and not to expect the pool of that adorable holiday home… I wanna read more

Improve your party experience (and life)

You’re at a party you’ve been looking forward to for months. Unfortunately, the DJ set seems to be a mix of Whitney Houston classics and White Snake hits (yes, they had more than one), your wardrobe is seriously malfunctioning and that hottie you were expecting to see didn’t turn up. The hygienically-challenged best mate on the other hand has, and you’ve… I wanna read more

Postcard from a stranger

Have you ever received a letter from a total stranger? A postcard? A Post-it even? And by letter I mean an actual written message on paper. I know, who actually picks up a pen to write anymore – except the occasional ‘stop drinking my beer’ note to your flatmate. No paper message? How about a… I wanna read more

How to get more smiles: change your default face!

In the past, whenever I was on a dance floor – flaunting my undeniably flashy moves – there would always be some guy coming up to me and asking me if I could please smile a little. This would usually have the opposite effect and result in a vicious glare. Because, apart from it being a… I wanna read more

The Spark Plug Chronicles