Celebrate elbow-day! (no not the band)

•• Sorry, my Wacom tablet broke, so no wacky drawing this week••

I’m tossing the whole SEO** rubbish out the window and instead I’ll sprinkle you with a few brain figments, if that’s all right with you.

About that brain, don’t you think we spend a lot of time up there? Not just in the non-mindful way as a space to mull, brood, reminisce, ponder, contemplate and ruminate in, but I mean literally.

Bellies seem bigger

We spend all day on the top floor, peering out of these two large windows. And it’s always the same viewpoint: if you look ahead you see the world in a fielsneakers_klein2d of view of about 180˚ and when you look down you get a slightly warped view of the rest of your body (bellies always seem bigger looking down on them than when seen sideways in the mirror) and your feet. My feet always seem huge looking down on them.

You can change the view, but never the viewpoint. You can’t take the elevator down and stop at a different floor. To linger around your belly or feet and look up to see your head in the distance (at a very unflattering angle by the way).


Locked up

There is a practical aspect to why your viewpoint is in the penthouse and not in the cellar or somewhere a little more central like your belly. It would be most impractical navigating your fleshy vehicle from the bottom. In no time the top of your body would be bumped, bruised, chafed and maybe even accidentally torn off by low doorways.

So yes having your control room up in the attic is practical and you have the best view. Plus needing a container to hold that control room (a head) means you can wear hats! And I like hats. But still it occasionally frustrates me that I’m locked up at the top floor of my gangling, living building and can’t explore anywhere else.

Peering out of your penthouse

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to wander around your inside corridors or float around in your own bloodstream? Like Dennis Quaid in Innerspace?
But alas thus far that’s only been possible in films. Most of us spend our time walking around peering out of our penthouse, never even considering the rest of our lower skin-wrapped floors.

Cry out like a hungry kitten

I feel it’s time to give those lower floors a bit of attention. Make them feel appreciated and loved. You can of course take a bath and soak your neglected frame in soapy foam. But I like a more unconventional approach (plus, I don’t have a bath).

Pick an overlooked body part. Something you only ever register when it’s hurting. Isn’t that sad? A limb or organ has to cry out to you like a hungry kitten to get noticed. Maybe that’s why you involuntarily bumped your knee the other day. It wasn’t clumsiness, it was your knee feeling disregarded like a cheated wife.

Celebrate elbow-day!

I’m going to pick my left elbow for today. I’m appreciating it for being there and holding my upper- and lower arm together. I’ll look at it to make sure it really notices me noticing it. It’s got quite a few scars on it from the time I was thrown off a horse in Mexico and landed on gravel. But it’s a good elbow. It works, never gives me issues and fits nicely with the rest of my building. I’ll rub it a little, say hello and think of it every once in a while to make it feel appreciated.

And tomorrow I’ll celebrate my right knee-cap.

**SEO = something stupid Google came up and is known as Search Engine Optimization.


What are your thoughts?

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